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euro-threat to UK stem cell research

MEPs in the European Parliament are set to vote on amendments to the European Directive on Tissues and Cells. Leading scientists fear that many of these amendments pose a real threat to pioneering stem cell research, particularly the use of stem cells derived from cloned embryos. read more

can aviation solve its environmental problems?

As the aviation industry prepares to celebrate 100 years of powered flight, the Government is set to announce proposals for making the aviation industry pay for its environmental costs – including increased global warming, noise and air pollution. read more

Farm Scale Evaluations

The press launch of the results of the farm scale evaluations of genetically modified, herbicide tolerant crops. read more


Is flooding really on the increase – and how is science trying to minimise the impact? read more

gene therapy

Does gene therapy really have a future, or will its promise always exceed its success? read more

Biobank UK

Backgrounder on the project to follow the health of up to half a million volunteers for many years, coupling new developments in genetics with information on lifestyle and environment. read more

extreme dieting

What are the consequences of radically altering your normal eating habits by excluding a whole food group or by combining only certain types of food in so-called ‘faddy diets’? read more

IVF – The Next 25 Years

25 years ago the world awoke to news of the birth of the first ‘test tube’ baby – so what advances will we see in the next 25 years? read more

will I get Alzheimer’s?

Which risk factors should we worry about? Are these factors negligible compared to our genetic inheritance? How do scientists discover what these risk factors are? Will we ever see reliable prevention or cure of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia? read more

the science of old bones

How will the proposed ‘repatriation’ of collections of human remains affect science? How are these specimens used at the moment? read more


Biological control holds enormous potential to control pests and disease by using strategically deployed natural predators. What are the benefits – what are the risks? read more

Hashmi family await High Court ruling

On the eve of the HFEA’s appeal to see whether they could authorise the use of a tissue typing’ technique that offered a potential cure for the Hashmi’s seriously ill son, Zain, the Hashmi family talked to the media to highlight their important case. read more

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