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expert reaction to study investigating flame retardants and pregnancies in women undergoing IVF

Publishing in Environmental Health Perspectives, researchers looked at organophosphate flame retardants (PFRs), studying the urinary concentrations of their metabolites along with outcomes of IVF treatement. They reported a negative association between the concentration of certain types of PFR metabolites in the urine of these women and the proportion of successful outcomes of IVF. read more

expert reaction to media coverage of ivf add-ons

In a paper published in BMJ Open, researchers looked at claims of benefit for interventions offered by fertility centres in the UK via the information on the centres’ websites. They then looked at what evidence was cited for these claims. They report that while many fertility centres in the UK offer a range of IVF add-on procedures, and provide claims of benefit for many of these interventions, in most cases the claims are not quantified and evidence is not cited to support them.
The Panorama documentary on BBC One (Panorama: Inside Britain’s Fertility Business) also looks at this issue. read more

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