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launch of the Environment Agency’s first science strategy

The Environment Agency’s new science strategy places new emphasis on the use of science to inform their regulatory work. We welcome scientists to brief journalists on how the Agency will be using research to meet their priorities including combating the effects of pollution, climate change and ionizing radiation. read more

cannabis and mental health

Experts in London for the Institute of Psychiatry’s conference on cannabis and health speak to journalists on topics ranging from the neurobiology of cannabis to its effect on mental health including the unveiling of new research published in the BMJ by Prof Jim van Os on the links between cannabis use and psychosis. read more


Morten Gronbaek from the Centre for Alcohol Research in Copenhagen comes to the Centre to speak to journalists about his research before he addresses a meeting of the Portman Group in London. read more

chris Patten on Science

In his new role as Chancellor of Oxford University, Chris Patten briefs journalists in advance of speaking at the Save British Science AGM. read more

briefing on Gulf War illness

With the impending publication of an independent inquiry into what led some troops to suffer ill health after the first Gulf War, four scientists brief journalists about factors which have been associated with this including vaccines and depleted uranium. read more

the importance of vitamin D for human health

There is unequivocal evidence of serious, adverse effects from over exposure to sunlight in terms of skin cancers and cataracts, but there is also accumulating evidence that sunlight exposure, acting via its role in vitamin D synthesis, can protect against certain diseases. Experts discuss whether this raises a dilemma between the risks of sunlight exposure against its benefits or whether we can safely obtain all the Vitamin D we need. read more

briefing on global disaster

Global Geophysical Events, including tsunamis, earthquakes, super-volcanoes and asteroid impacts, are real possibilities and could catastrophically affect our planet. Experts explain what we are doing to monitor and evaluate the risks posed by these events and whether there is anything we can do to prevent them. read more

briefing on ID cards

As the UK Government considers the possibility of implementing some sort of identity card, experts discuss the role science may play in this operation. This includes background on types of biometrics, methods of combatting fraud and the systems required to safely store the information. read more

the future of energy

Three leading independent energy experts answer journalists’ questions on all the latest energy issues. read more

genes and aggression

Three leading US scientists, in the UK to speak at an International Conference being held at the Royal Society of Medicine, discuss the complex interplay between genes and environment influencing behaviour, focusing on research into genes and aggression. read more

meet DEFRA’s new Science Advisory Council

A new Science Advisory Council has been set up to provide ministers with independent scientific advice. We welcome the Chair, Prof Roy Anderson, and DEFRA’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Prof Howard Dalton, to discuss the group’s plans. read more

MRSA and other hospital acquired infections

As the fight against hospital-acquired infections continues, scientists brief journalists on how the lab and the hospital can join up their thinking in the battle against bugs including hand hygeine regimes, NHS reform and the effects of antibiotic prescribing. read more

fatty acids – are we getting enough?

Prior to the 6th Congress of the International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids (ISSFAL) we welcome two speakers to discuss some of the findings to be presented including a wealth of evidence to support the health value of certain fatty acids and lipids in our diet. read more

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