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the biology of chronic fatigue

Despite tentative evidence that the immune system might play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) the underlying biology of CFS has remained a mystery. By the time patients are diagnosed it is too late to monitor the immune system at the start of the illness. Researchers from King’s College London have now undertaken the most in-depth biological investigation into the role of the immune system in lasting symptoms of fatigue.

At this SMC briefing issues including the following were discussed.

  • What happens to the immune system during the earliest stages of illness?
  • Whatdifferentiates people who develop chronic fatigue before symptoms develop?
  • Willit be possible to identify those at risk of developing CFS?
  • Willdoctors be able to catch CFS as it starts?


ProfessorCarmine Pariante, Professor ofBiological Psychiatry and NIHR Senior Investigator Award at the Institute ofPsychiatry Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London, and ConsultantPerinatal Psychiatrist at South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

DrAlice Russell, researcher atInstitute of Psychiatry Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London

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