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poles apart

This is a guest post by Tom Sheldon, Senior Press Manager at the SMC.


In March 2016 the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) launched a public engagement exercise to name a new ship. Former BBC journalist James Hand tossed the name Boaty McBoatface into the ring – and we were smitten. The…

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call off the hunt

Am I the only one who feels sorry for Tim Hunt? Judging from my inbox, I’m not. I can’t help … read more

abandon hype, all

The main subject of discussion at this year’s SMC Christmas bash was a new study published the same day, claiming … read more

a battle too far?

Recently Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Safety at Queens University Belfast, finally got to publish the findings of his independent … read more

why I accepted an OBE

I met my future husband at a protest outside BBC Broadcasting House in 1989, called to mark the first anniversary … read more

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