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Mental health in young people – the importance of early intervention

There has never been a greater focus on mental illness in young people, from the apparent rise in the numbers of young people suffering from mental health conditions to the efficacy of various pharmacological and psychological treatments. The teenage years are a vulnerable period of development marked by biological changes (onset of puberty, physical maturation), social challenges (interpersonal relationships, school transitions) and brain maturation. This period of development is also when mental health problems are most likely to emerge for the first time. By recognizing these conditions at an early age, clinicians and researchers hope to be able to intervene early and to reduce the severity and perhaps the life course of people with mental health problems.



Dr Sarah Bailey, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath

Prof Matthew Broome, Chair in Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health and Director of the Institute for Mental Health, University of Birmingham, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Rachel Upthegrove, Reader in Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health, Consultant Psychiatrist, Institute for Mental Health, University of Birmingham

Dr Valeria Mondelli, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Liaison Consultant Psychiatrist, Institute of Psychiatry Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London

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