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Launch of report from DeepMind Health Independent Review Panel

The use of patient data by private companies in the health sector continues to be a controversial subject. DeepMind Health is one such company that has received criticism for its use of patient data when collaborating with NHS Trusts. In response, in June 2016, DeepMind Health asked a number of individuals to form an Independent Review Panel in order to provide independent oversight of the company’s work with the NHS. The Panel meet four times a year to scrutinise DeepMind Health’s activities including their data sharing agreements, privacy and security measures, and products, and agreed to publicly release an annual report outlining their findings.

A roundup accompanied this briefing.


Speakers will include:

Dr Julian Huppert, Director of the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Prof Sir John Tooke, Professor of Medicine, UCL

Ms Eileen Burbidge, Chair, Tech City UK, & Partner, Passion Capital

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