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expert reaction to the government’s National Pollinator Strategy

The government has announced a national strategy* with the aim of supporting pollinators such as bees in their fertilisation of plants and crops.


Norman Carreck, Science Director of the International Bee Research Association, University of Sussex, said:

“I fully support the government’s intentions as set out in this strategy.  There is, however, an assumption throughout the document that we fully understand which plants are suitable for pollinators, and how to establish and maintain them.  Actually there are significant gaps in our knowledge. England is extremely variable in terms of soil type and climate, and experience shows that mixtures of plants which are successful in one area may well not perform well elsewhere.

“Funding needs to be made available for practical scientific research trials on a range of soil types and climatic conditions, to establish the best plant mixtures and techniques for their establishment and maintenance.  If this is not done much effort may be wasted”.


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