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expert reaction to fipronil-contaminated egg scandal in Europe

Experts react to the news story that a small number of eggs contaminated with fipronil reached the UK earlier this year.


Prof Chris Elliott, Chair of Food Safety, Queen’s University Belfast, said:


“There is no evidence that this will impact human health in any way.

“There are suggestions this may be food fraud – police across Europe are involved in the investigation.  It is escalating in scale and may cross many more countries in Europe before the scandal is over.

“It has the potential to be the largest recall of eggs in history.

“The information available suggests the amount of produce that has come into the UK is minimal, but this may change as more information becomes available if the scandal widens.

“The misuse of the compound in question seems to have been very well organised, widely orchestrated and has been going on for quite a period of time.  The compound, fipronil, is a broad spectrum insecticide.  There is European-wide regulation that states it should not be used in any food-producing animal.”


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Prof Chris Elliott: “No declarations of interest.”

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