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expert reaction to claims that using frozen eggs for IVF, rather than fresh eggs, is associated with lower live birth rates

Publishing in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a group of researchers has compared the use of eggs which are “fresh” with those with are frozen before IVF, and report that IVF cycles which used fresh eggs were associated with a higher rate of live births.


Professor David Adamson, Board Member of the International Federation of Fertility Societies, said:
“These excellent pregnancy rates with frozen eggs bring many new treatment options and advantages to infertile couples, women who want to mitigate the loss of reproductive potential that often occurs with cancer treatment and also occurs with getting older.  However, since the pregnancy rates with fresh embryos appear to be slightly higher, it is not yet demonstrated that freezing eggs or embryos in all cycles, which has been recommended by some, is the best management for all women.”


Outcomes of Fresh and Cryopreserved Oocyte Donation’ by name of Vitaly A. Kushnir et al. published in JAMA on Tuesday 11th August 2015. 


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The SMC produced a Factsheet on IVF and Fertility which is available here:  


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