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Antidepressants: how well do they actually work?

A roundup accompanied this briefing.

Antidepressants are one of the most common yet controversial treatments being used today, with public concern both about how effective the drugs are and what side-effects they have. Researchers publishing in The Lancet have looked at 21 of the most common antidepressants in a systematic review and network meta-analysis. The teams have assessed the efficacy and acceptability of different antidepressants using data amassed from over 500 trials.


Speakers will include:

Prof Andrea Cipriani, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at the NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford

Prof John Geddes, Professor of Epidemiological Psychiatry and Head of Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford and Director of NIHR Oxford Health Biomedical Research Centre

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