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Alcohol and brain function

In a new study published in the BMJ researchers report brain changes associated with chronic alcohol consumption, even at moderate levels. Roundup comments accompanied this analysis.

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expert reaction to new study on the effectiveness of alcohol dependence drug nalmefene

A group of researchers publishing in the journal Addiction have performed a systematic review of evidence supporting the efficacy of the drug nalmefene, approved in the UK for the treatment of alcohol dependence. They report problems in the methodology of clinical trials upon which this approval was based, and suggest that their conclusions may create dilemmas for clinicians prescribing the drug. read more

expert reaction to new Alcohol Guidelines Review from the Chief Medical Officers

The UK chief medical officer, working alongside a group of experts, has made recommendations about how lower risks to health from drinking alcohol. The group looked at the evidence about the levels and types of health harm that alcohol can cause, depending on how much and how often people drink, and recommended that both men and women limit their weekly intake to a maximum of 14 units. read more

expert reaction to study on alcohol consumption, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality

Depending on extent, alcohol consumption has been previously linked with both positive and negative health outcomes. Publishing in The Lancet journal a group of researchers have investigated the effect that alcohol has on populations with differing income levels, and they report that intake was associated with lower levels of heart attacks, and higher levels of certain cancers and injury, with high intake being associated with higher mortality. read more

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