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why do new cancer drugs take so long to reach patients?

In the UK we have a strong track record in cancer research – but are NHS patients seeing the benefit?  Are we providing fast enough access to the most innovative cancer treatments?  And are enough of the most exciting new cancer drugs being developed in the first place?

A new report produced by The Institute of Cancer Research, London – ‘From patent to patient – analysing access to innovative cancer drugs’ – looks at how efficiently new cancer drugs licensed in Europe reach NHS patients here in the UK.

Experts behind the report were invited to the SMC to discuss aspects such as:

– what are the barriers in the cancer drug pipeline?

– are some cancer types missing out on the benefits of research?

– are we getting quicker or slower at getting new cancer drugs through the pipeline?

– could clinical trials for innovative cancer drugs be made smarter?

– is NICE doing enough to prioritise the most exciting, innovative treatments?

– what impact might Brexit have?



Prof Paul Workman FMedSci FRS, Chief Executive, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Dr Olivia Rossanese, Head of Therapeutics Biology, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

Dr Sally George, Clinical Research Fellow, Paediatric Solid Tumour Biology and Therapeutics Team, The Institute of Cancer Research, London

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