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treating cancer in children – what does the science say?

Due to the recent high profile case, children’s cancer therapies are constantly in the news. The SMC brought together some leading experts to discuss the evidence behind the therapies currently being used, tested and rejected in the UK, answering questions such as: 

  • What treatments are available for children’s cancers in the UK? Are they different to adults?
  • What testing is done on children’s treatments, is this different than for adults and why?
  • Are treatments such as Sonic Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) and immunotherapy on offer in the UK and if not, why not?
  • What side-effects come from common therapies and how do we judge whether the risks outweigh the benefits?
  • Are alternative therapies being seriously considered and what do results show?



Dr Antony Michalski, Paediatric Oncologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

Dr Michael Williams, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Dr Martin English, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist &. Neuro-Oncology MDT Lead, Birmingham Children’s. Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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