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The Future of Harvest 2050

New research and technologies are providing unique opportunities that have the potential to transform many farming practices. Predictions of population growth suggest that by 2050 the world’s population will have expanded to over 9 billion and 60 percent more food will be required to avoid mass malnutrition and starvation. A huge boost in agricultural productivity will be needed to meet this demand. It is not simply about using more land for food production, but maximising efficiency of land use and resources, increasing the resilience of food supply chains, while at the same time protecting the environment. Food and farming are set for a revolution. Now is the time for big data, new technologies, advanced practices to come together to drive an unprecedented step change in how we produce food sustainably. With pockets of excellent practice around the UK becoming common place, what will Harvest 2050 look like?


Speakers will include:

Prof. Simon Blackmore, Head of Agricultural Robotics, Harper Adams University & Director of the National Centre for Precision Farming

Dr Ji Zhou, Phenomics Project Leader, Earlham Institute

Dr Toby Bruce, Professor of Insect Chemical Ecology, Keele University

Dr Eileen Wall, Professor of Integrative Livestock Genetics & Team Leader of Integrative Animal Science, Scotland’s Rural College, Roslin Institute

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