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the future of autonomous vehicles

A new report from the Institution of Engineering and Technology has examined the future of automated transport.

A group of experts came to the SMC to discuss what can we expect from the cars of the future and what is just around the corner including automated parking, benefits for older drivers wanting to drive for longer, and automated driving in a traffic jam.

How close are we to truly driverless cars?  How do we address the cybersecurity issues that a computerised moving vehicle brings? And who would be liable in an accident?

Separately, towards the end of this month, a decision is expected on which UK cities will be selected for trials of partially automated transport. Those projects are due to start in early 2015 and last for 18-36 months.



Prof Phil Blythe, Chair of the IET Transport Policy

Hugh Boyes, Cyber Security Lead at the IET

Dr Nick Reed – Principal Human Factors Researcher at the Transport Research Laboratory

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