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student suicide – what does the science say?

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in adolescents and young adults in the UK and there is currently alarm about suicides amongst university students. But there is much that is not yet known. We don’t yet have compelling evidence that can explain the rise in mental health problems though some hypotheses are gaining traction including the role of social media, financial worries and pressure to succeed academically.

We also hear very different estimates of the scale of the problem with figures ranging from 12% and 87% of students believed to be struggling with their mental health. The SMC invited 3 specialists on suicide and mental health to address this topic and related concerns.



Dr Nicola Byrom, Lecturer in Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Phycology and Neuroscience, Kings College London.

Prof David Gunnell, Professor of Epidemiology, University of Bristol; Hon Consultant in Public Health, North Bristol NHS Trust.

Prof Keith Hawton, Director of the Centre for Suicide Research, University of Oxford.

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