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scientists comment on government announcement that it will not re-join EU Euratom programme

In has been announced that the UK will not re-join EU Euratom programme.


Dr Nick Walkden, UK Director – Fusion Industry Association, said:

“The Fusion Industry Association supports the Government’s decision to implement its new £650m programme, focussed on fusion development and commercialisation, as an alternative to Euratom association.

We believe that this programme represents a forward leaning and ambitious plan by the UK Government to enhance focus on the elements that will bring fusion to a commercial reality; New national capabilities, international collaboration, broad growth of the fusion industry, and skills development.

Collaboration is key in fusion, and we would like to see the Government maintain the UKs relationship with European programmes by maintaining the model that it has instituted since January 2021, as well as pursuing a new bilateral relationship with ITER.

Above all we believe that this programme will have a significant role to play in the growth of the fusion industry at a critical time when developers are scaling up to full fusion demonstration, and international competition for leadership in fusion is accelerating.”


Prof Sir Ian Chapman, UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) CEO, said:

“UKAEA welcomes the clarity about our future relationship with the Euratom Research and Training programme which provides the certainty needed by the sector.

The government’s commitment to an ambitious alternative R&D programme will be hugely important in sustaining the UK’s position as a leader in fusion R&D as well as developing an industrial capability to deliver future fusion power plants. We welcome the ambition to retain, and even enhance, our international collaborative relationships through this substantial package of alternative R&D. We look forward to working with our industrial partners to deliver on the UK’s fusion strategy as well as developing even stronger collaboration with our international partners.”



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