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scientists comment in anticipation of Prime Minister’s speech

The Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is due to speak out against the “anti-science fashion” that is growing in the UK.

Professor Sir Brian Heap, Master of St. Edmunds College, Cambridge, said:

“Thank goodness the Prime Minister is taking the initiative in seeking to reverse the potentially dangerous trend that has developed against responsible science. The full text of his speech is eagerly awaited by all who are concerned about the UK’s future prospects.”

Professor Philip Dale, Research Scientist at the John Innes Centre, said:

“The pro-science comments by the Prime Minister are very welcome. The anti-science campaigns propagated by some organisations seriously risk paralysing innovation in UK science. The recent destruction of field crop experiments, which were designed to generate knowledge on which sound decisions can be made, has parallels with book-burning in supposedly less enlightened times.”

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