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Results from the OCTAVE (Observational Cohort Trial-T-cells Antibodies and Vaccine Efficacy in SARS-CoV-2) Trial

Initial data from the ongoing OCTAVE study have been announced this afternoon. The data is released as a preprint on the Lancet pre-print site.

The OCTAVE trial is one of the largest studies in the world so far into post-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in immunocompromised patients and is funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC). It’s a multi-centre, UK-wide trial, led by the University of Glasgow and co-ordinated by the University of Birmingham’s Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit.

Journalists tuned in to hear the Chief Investigator of OCTAVE, Professor Iain McInnes, Deputy Chief Investigator, Professor Pam Kearns, and Co-Investigator, Prof Carl Goodyear, discuss the findings and answer any questions.


Speakers included:

Prof Iain McInnes, OCTAVE Chief Investigator, Vice-Principal of the University and Head of the College of MVLS

Prof Pam Kearns, Deputy Chief Investigator, Director of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences and the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit

Prof Carl Goodyear, OCTAVE Co-Investigator, Professor of Translational Immunology at the University of Glasgow


This Briefing was accompanied by an SMC Roundup of Comments.

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