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publication of the results of the 5 year project to develop for the first time wheat that is genetically engineered to repel aphids

The full results of the controversial GM wheat field trial held by Rothamsted Research in 2012-2013 are published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. The first year of the trial, labelled by journalists as ‘the whiffy wheat’ trial, caused significant public attention when Take the Flour Back was formed to campaign against the field trial and held a protest at the site. The campaign became a something of a cause célèbre when the Rothamsted Researchers fought back with a YouTube video and petition appealing to activists not to destroy the trial site. In the event the campaigners did not disrupt the research and had no bearing on the performance of the trial or the gathering of results. Members of the research team came to the SMC to discuss the results with journalists.

Prof. John Pickett, FRS and Michael Elliot Fellow at Rothamsted Research (project leader and corresponding author for this study)

Prof. Huw Jones, Leader of the Cereal Transformation Unit at Rothamsted Research (and consent holder for the Defra licence to carry the GM Wheat trial at Rothamsted Research)

Dr Toby Bruce, Senior Research Scientist in the Chemical Ecology Group at Rothamsted Research (lead author of the publication)

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