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Prof Jane Memmott – why the President of the British Ecological Society mows round the dandelions in her lawn

We rely on nature and biodiversity for food production and our prosperity. Managing the land well can ensure clean water and reduce risk of flooding, while green spaces enhance our wellbeing. Yet globally, 1 million species are thought to be under threat. It’s clear we need to make urgent and significant changes for nature and people to thrive.

Professor Jane Memmott of the University of Bristol is the new President of the British Ecological Society, having just taken up the role in the past few weeks. Her research has focused on pollinators and what supports their numbers and diversity – in towns and cities as much as the countryside.

Journalists came to the SMC to hear Professor Memmott explain how we can make a difference to the ecological world, and how ecology will return the favour multiple times over in benefits for our wellbeing and mental health.



Prof Jane Memmott, President of the British Ecological Society

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