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nice draft guideline on outdoor air pollution and health


Air pollution has been in and out of the headlines recently due to the diesel emissions scandal and proposed Heathrow airport expansion.  We’ve heard that the UK has been exceeding EU limits for nitrogen oxide emissions, and we’ve heard estimates of the numbers of people in the UK whose deaths are partly attributable to particulate air pollution.

NICE are publishing a draft guideline on road-traffic-related air pollution.  The guideline aims to improve air quality and therefore prevent illnesses and deaths related to air pollution.  The draft guideline will outline recommendations to government and local authorities.

The draft guideline were published on Thursday 1 December 2016 and out for public consultation until 25 January 2017.


Come to the SMC to hear NICE guideline committee members discuss issues such as:

– who should be responsible for tackling and reducing air pollution?

– should local authorities develop more clean air zones?

– should more congestion charges be implemented?

– do trees help or hinder?

– how robust is the evidence linking air pollution to various health problems?



Prof Mark Baker, Director of the Centre for Guidelines at NICE

Prof Paul Lincoln, Chief Executive of UK Health Forum and NICE guideline committee chair

Nigel Jenkins, Principle Consultant at Ricardo Energy & Environment and NICE guideline committee topic expert

Ralph Bagge, leader of south bucks district council and NICE guideline committee deputy chair

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