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new study looks at question at heart of statins debate

The most comprehensive analysis of its kind looking at whether there is a link between non-HDL cholesterol levels and long-term risk for cardiovascular disease in people aged under 45 years, not just in older ages, will be published next week in the Lancet.

The observational and modelling study used data from almost 400,000 people aged between 30-85 years.  It investigates whether increasing levels of non-HDL cholesterol may predict long-term (ie, 30-year) cardiovascular risk. Past risk estimates of this kind are based on 10-year follow-up data.


Speakers included:

Prof Frank Kee, Director, Centre for Public Health, School of Medicine Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Queens University Belfast

Prof Stefan Blankenberg, Medical and Clinical Director, University Heart and Vascular Center UKE Hamburg


A roundup of comments accompanied this briefing.

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