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new report: a critical time for UK energy policy

The whole UK energy system faces big changes to deliver against all aspects of the energy ‘trilemma’ — cost, security and decarbonisation. Speakers from the Royal Academy of Engineering will argue that so far, despite the challenges, the system is on course to meet the targets set by the UK and the EU, but only just; and that all the easiest actions have already been taken.

Government policy drives the development of the UK’s energy system, but it will be up to privatised industry to deliver and invest. What’s in store for the UK’s energy mix? And what will happen to costs and decarbonisation?

The Academy considers the possible futures of the UK’s energy system in a new report, A critical time for UK energy policy: what must be done now to deliver the UK’s future energy system. Members of the working group came to the SMC to talk about their findings.



Dr David Clarke FREng, CEO of the Energy Technologies Institute

Dr Keith MacLean, Chair of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) Advisory Board

Prof Nigel Gilbert FREng, Professor of Sociology, University of Surrey

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