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Motor Neurone Disease – hope for the future? Launch of new clinical trials

Dr Brian Dickie, Director of Research Development, MND association
Prof Nigel Leigh, Professor of Clinical Neurology, King’s College London
Prof Colin Blakemore, President, MND association

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a rapidly progressive, fatal disease that can affect any adult at any time. There are around 5000 people living with MND in the UK at any one time; and half of those affected will die within 14 months of diagnosis. The cause of over 95% of cases is still unknown, and there is currently no cure or effective treatment. In a significant first step, the MND Association have launched clinical trials with lithium, which could provide a promising new treatment avenue.

The briefing was held to coincide with the 19th International Symposium on MND (3-5 November 2008).

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