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Indicators of Global Climate Change 2023

Indicators of Global Climate Change 2023 is the second in a series of annual updates on the state of the climate system and human influence.

The report, to be published in Earth System Science Data, is compiled by an international team of climate scientists and serves as an annual synthesis of key climate measures inbetween the IPCC assessment reports.  According to the authors, they follow methods as close as possible to those used in the IPCC AR6 Working Group 1 report.

The report provides estimates for key climate indicators related to forcing of the climate system:

  • emissions of greenhouse gases and short-lived climate forcers
  • greenhouse gas concentrations
  • radiative forcing
  • the Earth’s energy imbalance
  • surface temperature changes
  • warming attributed to human activities
  • the remaining carbon budget
  • estimates of global temperature extremes


Journalists came to this online SMC briefing to hear from some of the report’s authors.


Speakers included:

Prof Piers Forster, Director of the Priestley Centre for Climate Futures, University of Leeds

Dr Karina von Schuckmann, Oceanographer, Scientific direction, Mercator Ocean international, France

Prof Pierre Friedlingstein FRS, Chair in Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems, University of Exeter

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