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hacking the immune system, bioelectronics and the mind-body interface

It is still controversial to say that the mind and body can strongly affect each other, but recent research has shown how the mind can impact on physical diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes and there is growing excitement in how the immune system may have a role in some mental illness. Neuroinflammation, immunopsychiatry and bioelectronics are becoming buzzwords as scientists from different disciplines explore how we can hack the immune system and harness the mind-body interface.

The Academy of Medical Sciences has made the mind-body interface the focus of its FORUM Annual Lecture, an event where researchers and funders from academia, industry, government, the NHS and beyond get the chance to present and discuss the latest and most exciting research.



Prof Sir Robert Lechler FMedSci, President of The Academy of Medical Sciences and Vice-Principal (Health) and Executive Director of King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre

Prof. Kevin Tracey, President and CEO, The US Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Prof. Ed Bullmore FMedSci, Vice-President Immunopsychiatry, GlaxoSmithKline and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, University of Cambridge

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