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fracking in the UK – what does the evidence say?

Shale gas exploration resumed in Lancashire in October and had to be paused several times after tremors were detected.  Opposition to fracking continues on the grounds that earthquakes are unacceptably dangerous, as well as fears over the impact on groundwater and air pollution.  But government is behind fracking for energy security, and the industry says it is safe and well-regulated. 

What does the evidence say about fracking in the UK? The SMC welcomed a panel of experts on earthquakes, groundwater and air pollution to talk about the science behind fracking and its regulation. These experts provided an evidence check on the claims and counter-claims made about fracking for shale gas.  There was no news or new results to be revealed at this briefing, the purpose was to try to separate the myths from the facts based on the best and most up to date evidence on a subject that will continue to be controversial in future.


Dr Brian Baptie, Head of Seismology at the British Geological Survey

Dr Ben Edwards, Reader in Seismology and specialist in in engineering seismology at the University of Liverpool

Prof Alastair Lewis, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the University of York

Prof Rob Ward, Director of Groundwater Science at the British Geological Survey

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