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foundation for responsible robotics report on drones in the service of society

Like all new technologies drones can be used for good or ill. Drones are frequently used to target militants in conflict, but they can also find and save casualties during environmental catastrophes. The Foundation for Responsible Robotics  turned their attention to the risks and benefits of drones and to that end published a consultation report in the Hague. The report authors make the case that this technology touches on so much of our society that robust research is needed to maximise the service performed by drones towards the public good.

This report draws from the authors’ interactions from the people and organisations who study, operate, and build the drones that are rapidly changing the way we approach the skies above us.



Professor Noel Sharkey, Co-Founder, Foundation for Responsible Robotics; Emeritus Professor, University of Sheffield

Dr Aimee van Wynsberghe, Co-Founder, Foundation for Responsible Robotics; Assistant Professor, TU Delft

Denise Soesilo, Technical Expertise Committee, Foundation of Responsible Robotics; Development Advisor on Emerging Technologies

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