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First all-UK study of 67 million people reveals consequences of missed COVID-19 vaccines

The first research study of the entire UK population highlights gaps in COVID-19 vaccine coverage. Between a third and a half of the populations of the four UK nations had not had the recommended number of COVID vaccinations and boosters by summer 2022. The findings, to be published in The Lancet, suggest that more than 7,000 hospitalisations and deaths might have been averted in summer 2022 if the UK had had better vaccine coverage.

With COVID-19 cases on the rise and a new variant strain recently identified, this research provides a timely insight into the consequences of vaccine hesitancy that could inform public health decisions by policymakers. 

Journalists came to this SMC briefing to hear more about the results and the huge potential for new discoveries in the understanding and treatment of other diseases through whole population research.


Speakers included:


Professor Cathie Sudlow, Chief Scientist and Deputy Director of Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and Director of the BHF Data Science Centre

Professor Sir Aziz Sheikh, Director of the Usher Institute at the University of Edinburgh and HDR UK Research Director

Dr Steven Kerr, Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh

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