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expert reaction to the Conservative’s pledge to double investment in dementia research

The Conservative party have pledged to double investment in dementia research to over £160m a year.


Dr Michael Bloomfield, Excellence Fellow, Head of Translational Psychiatry Research Group and Consultant Psychiatrist, University College London (UCL), said:

“It is good to hear that politicians are recognising the need to invest in dementia research however there remains a massive gap in research funding across all psychiatric disorders when compared to other areas of medical research. Any potential increase in research investment must also be taken in the wider context of health and social care spending – and psychiatric services continue to be severely neglected.”

Dr. Adrian J. Ivinson, Director (Operations) and Chief Operating Officer, UK Dementia Research Institute, said:

“The scale of the challenge that dementia presents to the UK and indeed the global community is massive and any pledge to increase resources for this terribly underfunded area of research is very welcome. Doubling research funding to £160m per year will enable us to move more quickly. But even this commitment is insufficient. It still means that we’ll be putting aside good research ideas, good drug development ideas and good ideas for supporting those affected by dementia in their homes for no other reason than we don’t have sufficient funds. And it still means that new treatments will emerge more slowly that they need too. In welcoming the pledge for increased funding, let’s not take our eye off the ball—as a country we should be spending at least £320m a year on dementia research—that’s the minimum we need.”


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