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expert reaction to the 20th anniversary of NICE

Expert reaction to the 20th anniversary of NICE

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, President-Elect of the British Pharmacological Society said:

“When NICE was established in 1999, the UK pioneered a new way to achieve consistency in the availability and quality of public health treatment and care. The model has since been adopted in many countries. Clinical pharmacology has played a major part in NICE’s development, starting with the defining role of founding Chair Sir Mike Rawlins, and continuing with close involvement in its activities today.

“NICE has had a wide impact on pharmacology in both academia and industry. It has been a key driver in bringing health economic assessment of interventions to the fore. It has shaped the academic landscape by setting up departments and chairs, and by funding organisations where cost effectiveness is often evaluated as part of grant applications. NICE continues to be an important facilitator of interdisciplinary research, bringing economists, clinicians, statisticians and modellers together.”

Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of Wellcome, said:

“Since founded 20 years ago, NICE has provided immeasurable benefit to patients and their families and to the NHS through comprehensive, transparent guidelines, and ensuring equitable access to the best treatments. Other countries could look to NICE for inspiration as every country grapples with how to best allocate resources in health care. NICE serves as a unique model, consistently offering quality, objective and evidence-based advice to inform the public and governments of how best to allocate resources in the fairest way possible.”

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