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expert reaction to study on workplace exposure to metals and pesticides and cardiovascular disease

Research published in Heart suggests that working with metals and pesticides could be risk factors for cardiovascular disease specifically among Hispanic/Latino workers.


Dr Wayne Carter, Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, said:

“This paper is an interesting insight into potential risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) associated with chronic occupational exposures.  However, one must be cautionary to extrapolate these findings because of study limitations that include no direct measurements (for example via urinary metabolites) of metal or pesticide exposures, the reliance on self-reported/perceived exposures, the use of catchall terms (metals and pesticides) without agent-specific assessments, and a lack of quantification of domestic exposures.

“Therefore chronic exposure to metals and pesticides may be a risk factor for CVD but further evidence is required to support a causal relationship and one that is both agent (which particular metal or pesticide) and dose-response specific.”


‘Association of occupational exposures with cardiovascular disease among US Hispanics/Latinos’ by Catherine Bulka et al. was published in Heart at 23:30 UK time on Tuesday 11th December.


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