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expert reaction to study of Klotho improving memory in aging monkeys

A study published in Nature Aging suggests that the longevity factor klotho may enhance cognition in aged monkeys.


Dr Marc Busche, UK Dementia Research Institute Group Leader, University College London (UCL), said:

“It is fascinating that a single injection of Klotho can improve cognition in aged primates for up to two weeks, despite not crossing into the brain. The most important next step will be to understand the mechanism that underlies this effect. The implications for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, are significant, though many questions remain. For instance, can Klotho still effectively enhance cognition in patients when neural systems are already compromised and there is substantial nerve cell and synapse loss? The non-linear relationship between dosage and cognitive improvement, where higher doses did not yield the same enhancements, adds an element of surprise and complexity to the findings, and needs to be understood better before moving into human studies.”



‘Longevity factor klotho enhances cognition in aged nonhuman primates’ by Stacy A. Castner et al. was published in Nature Aging on Monday 3 July




Declared interests

Dr Marc Busche: “I do not have any declarations of interest.”



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