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expert reaction to study modelling environmental impact of replacing beef with microbial protein

A study published in Nature looks at the projected environmental benefits of replacing beef with microbial protein.


Dr Tilly Collins, Senior Fellow & Deputy Director of the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, said:

“Any reduction in consumption of ruminant meat will bring environmental, ethical and human health benefits.  While the predictions of these models depend strongly on our ability to deliver such protein substitution, there is no doubt that the efficiency of biotech-enabled alternatives offer huge future potential for more sustainable food provision. Models like these emphasise the promise that these solutions offer.

“The transition of these precision fermentation and culture technologies from proof-of-principle to scaled-up delivery is coming and governments, and food production business need to coordinate to develop appropriate standards and thus future public confidence.  Our nuggets may never be the same again.”



‘Projected environmental benefits of replacing beef with microbial protein’ by Florian Humpenöder et al. was published in Nature at 4pm UK time on Wednesday 4 May 2022.




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