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expert reaction to study looking at cognitive impairment after severe COVID-19

A study published in eClinicalMedicine looks at cognitive impairment in individuals who received critical care for COVID-19.


Prof Paul Harrison, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, said:

“This study uses an innovative design to explore cognitive deficits (problems with memory and attention) in people who had COVID-19 badly enough to require intensive care.  It shows that these deficits can be substantial and persist more than six months after the acute illness.  The results are convincing and important, and raise further questions.  For example, what happens following less severe infection?  How long do the deficits last?  What causes them and, critically, how can they be treated or prevented?”



‘Multivariate profile and acute-phase correlates of cognitive deficits in a COVID-19 hospitalised cohort’ by Adam Hampshire et al. was published in eClinicalMedicine.

DOI: 10.1016/j.eclinm.2022.101417



Declared interests

Prof Paul Harrison: “I am collaborating with the first author to use the same cognitive test platform for a separate COVID study.”



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