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expert reaction to some construction companies still continuing non-essential work

It is reported that some construction companies are continuing to conduct ‘non-essential’ work, despite government advice not to. 


Dr Andrea Collins, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), said:

“I urge the government to stop all NON-essential non-COVID19 related construction with immediate effect.

“We are hearing multiple reports of construction workers crowding the tube, not social distancing where able (at morning briefing meetings) or unable to social distance on a site due to the needs of their work.

“This is not sufficient; these people are at risk. The government must act now. Whilst some construction companies have taken the sensible decision to stop all onsite work, others have not and are not being responsible employers and therefore putting staff at undue risk.

“Many construction workers are self-employed and this is understandably a huge financial concern for them right now (and may be driving many to remain working). We await news from the chancellor on an urgent COVID-package for the self-employed later this week we hope.

“For keyworkers, like myself, self-distancing is not always possible e.g.; in hospitals, critical food and medicines supply chain warehouses and essential COVID19 related construction workers. This is a necessity of our key roles that is vital to the COVID19 effort. We shall all continue to follow PHE guidance and self-distance where possible both in and out of work and not go into work if we or anyone in our household has COVID19 symptoms.”


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