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expert reaction to research claiming ‘pause’ in global temperature increase never existed

Research published in Environmental Research Letters shows that there is little evidence for a lack of trend in global mean surface temperature using  historical or current data.

Prof Richard Betts, Head of ClimateImpacts Research at the Met Office Hadley Centre, said:

“While these papers provide useful analysis on recent global temperature trends, I find it quite concerning that the authors openly accuse the climate science community of confusing the public and holding back climate policy.  Scientists should be free to investigate whatever they wish, and when an interesting phenomenon is seen then it should be investigated.  Research carried out in good faith which increases scientific understanding should be valued on its own merits, even if it does reveal greater complexities than the public or policymakers were previously aware of.”

‘A fluctuation in surface temperature in historical context: reassessment and retrospective on the evidence’ by Risbey etal and ‘The “pause” in global warming in historical context: Comparing models to observations’ by Lewandowsky et al was published in Environmental Research Letters at 00.00 GMT on Wednesday December 19 2018.

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