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expert reaction to reports that a man previously diagnosed with HIV has maintained long term remission

The findings, presented at the International AIDS Society conference (and currently not available as a study), report that, after treatment with multiple antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) and vitamin B3, a man previously diagnosed with HIV has maintained long term remission.


Dr Jonathan Stoye, a Senior Group Leader and Head of the Retrovirus-Host Interactions Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute, said:

“This report describes a man from Brazil who seemingly is free of HIV-1 following treatment with multiple antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) in combination with Vitamin B3. If true, this would be the first solely drug induced AIDS cure.  However, previous studies of ARV intensification have not suggested a route to a cure. Further, it must be noted that although an extensive period without HIV rebound in patients who interrupt therapy is rare, it is not unprecedented. Altogether, this is a remarkable claim, but exceedingly frustrating given the lack of detail about the virological status of the “Sao Paulo Patient” or a plausible model for effect of vitamin B3.  I am not convinced.”


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