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expert reaction to report by the King’s Fund and the Centre for Mental Health calling for radical changes to mental health services

Mental Health Services in England could undergo a massive overhaul in a bid to cut costs.


Dr Mark Taylor, Consultant Psychiatrist in the Intensive Home Treatment Team at Ballenden House, NHS Lothian, said:

“”This report is to be welcomed. It emphasises the importance of mental health care as whole, and makes sensible suggestions for improving productivity in an austere climate. For example, the use of out of area in-patient beds is both expensive and clinically impractical. Also, the last decade has seen a disproportionate rise in secure (forensic) costs in England.

“Finally, shifting the balance of care from hospital to the community not only makes economic sense but helps to reduce stigma and improve individual autonomy.””


Prof Nick Craddock, Professor of Psychiatry, Cardiff University, said:

“”As the report mentions, more research is absolutely crucial. We need services informed by evidence, rather than the political ideology that has driven many of the wholesale changes over recent years.

“It is good to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions. However, it is important to realize that for many patients admission is lifesaving and is a vital part of high quality care.””


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