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expert reaction to new government policy on the disposal of radioactive waste

Reactions to the new Government policy on the disposal of radioactive waste.

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald, Director of the Royal Institution, said:

“I think this is significant. As someone who followed the much earlier work and with research interests in flow through fractured, porous media, I am extremely encouraged by various statements in this document. “Communities sit at the heart of the consent-based approach.” Evidence from other countries shows that an approach where a central theme which considers the local communities’ willingness to participate in a voluntary siting process can work. Fundamentally, the engagement of the local community is the make or break factor. You can have all the technical arguments you like, but if you don’t get the local support it will fail.”

Prof Neil Hyatt, Professor of Radioactive Waste Management, said:

“Government today launched the process to find a site suitable to dispose of the nation’s radioactive waste.  At the heart of the approach is a focus on safety and community consultation, and the requirement for a test of community support before construction can begin.  It’s good to see Government planning for a realistic time frame of 20 years to select a site, to enable confidence in the long term safety of the project to be developed.  Irrespective of new nuclear build, we have the legacy of more than 50 years of nuclear power to clean up and dispose – this is the first step on a long road to achieving the goal of realising a geological disposal facility which will isolate these legacy wastes until they no longer pose a threat to health or the environment. ”

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Prof Hyatt: “I am an independent academic expert on radioactive waste management and disposal; key sponsors of my research include UKRI, EC, NDA, RWM Ltd.”

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