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expert reaction to EFSA risk assessment of aspartame

The European Food Safety Authority conducted a review of the scientific literature and risk assessment on aspartame and its breakdown products, finding them safe for human consumption at current levels of exposure.


Catherine Collins, Principal Dietitian at St George’s Hospital NHS Trust, said:

“For those contemplating the post-Christmas bulge, there’s yet more reassurance from EFSA that aspartame (E951), the calorie-free sweetener made from amino acids (the building blocks of protein) is totally safe for humans – both in terms of its chemical structure, and in how it’s metabolised when we consume it.

“Aspartame has been the sweetener with the biggest ‘conspiracy theory’ stories ever- ranging from behaviour issues in children to liver damage and cancer – all totally disproven, yet again, by this detailed scientific review published today.  For those of us battling the bulge during Christmas and beyond, reaching for the diet squash and fizzy drinks will save almost 200kcal a serving compared with the full sugar version – and is kinder to teeth!  Cheers!”

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