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expert reaction to a study looking at a potential mechanism for muscle ache associated with statin use

Research, published in JACC: Basic to Translational Science, reports on potential causes of statin related muscle pain.


Prof Liam Smeeth, Head of the Department of Non-Communicable Disease, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), said:

“This is an interesting study that sheds useful light on the mechanisms by which statins can have impact on muscles. The finding that exercise has a protective biochemical effect came from studies in animals. It is certainly possible that this translates to human beings being protected from muscle symptoms by moderate exercise, but some caution is needed in making this an extrapolation.

“However, we do know that moderate levels of physical activity are good for human beings – for both their hearts and minds – and I am very supportive of any calls to increase activity levels.”


KA mechanism for statin-induced susceptibility to myopathy’, by Lotteau et al. was published in JACC: Basic to Translational Science at 23:59 UK time on Monday 26th August. 


Declared interests

Prof Liam Smeeth: Professor Smeeth reports grants from Wellcome, MRC, NIHR, BHF, Diabetes UK, ESRC and the EU; grants and personal fees for advisory work from GSK, and personal fees for advisory work from AstraZeneca. He is a Trustee of the British Heart Foundation and a member of the steering committee for UK Biobank. He is the principal investigator of the NIHR funded StatinWise trial established to investigate whether statins cause muscle symptoms.”

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