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expert reaction to a preprint on blood type A and COVID-19 susceptibility

A preprint, posted on MedRxiv, reports on blood type A and COVID-19 susceptibility.


Dr Sakthi Vaiyapuri, Associate Professor in Cardiovascular and Venom Pharmacology, University of Reading, said:

“There is little evidence to substantiate any claim that there any more than a coincidental correlation between blood group ABO and susceptibility of contracting Covid-19. There are far too many parameters that cast doubt over the credibility of their claims, which worse still are not mentioned in a non-peer reviewed pre-print study.

“Without establishing causal links between Corona virus and ABO blood group antigens, it’s difficult to understand this conclusion which might be purely coincidental. Importantly, people should not panic about these results as clearly further scientific research is required to substantiate these claims.” 




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