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Expert Encounter with John-Arne Røttingen

John-Arne Røttingen, is the new chief executive of global foundation, Wellcome. As is our way with newly appointed movers and shakers of science, the SMC invited John-Arne to meet with the science and health journalists likely to be reporting on Wellcome’s work and his leadership in coming years.

Wellcome is one of the world’s biggest funders of health research, spending £1.7bn last year supporting science to solve urgent global health challenges. Wellcome funds a wide range of curiosity-driven discoveries in life and health, alongside practical science-based solutions in three areas: climate change and health, infectious disease, and mental health. 

John Arne spoke to journalists more about his scientific and global health background and his ambitions for his new role. With political parties conscious of the need to grow the economy and strengthen the UK’s standing on the world stage, he was happy to discuss what Wellcome believes the next government should prioritise. John-Arne believes there is huge potential for whoever wins the upcoming election to build on the UK’s science heritage and ensure this country is at the forefront of the discoveries that will shape our future and tackle global health challenges.

Journalists came to meet John-Arne, ask questions and discuss what level/style of engagement they would like with him in coming years.


Speakers included:

John-Arne Røttingen, Chief Executive of Global Foundation, Wellcome

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