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expert comment on COVID-19 vaccination status, infection and hospitalisation data

A comment from Professor Sheila Bird on COVID-19 vaccination status, infection and hospitalisation data.


Prof Sheila Bird, Formerly Programme Leader, MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge, said:

Comment on: COVID-19 vaccination-status (nil, 1st dose, 2nd dose) in England per age-group at 31 May 2021; prevalence of infection according to Office for National Statistics; assumed vaccine-effectiveness against delta variant; and reported hospitalizations by vaccine-status.

“England is shy to tell us per age-group how citizens received Oxford-AstraZeneca versus PfizerBioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccines. This matters  – on principle because it is in the public interest  – and also be because vaccine-effectiveness after 2nd dose against the delta variant is reckoned to be higher for the mRNA vaccines although protection after 1st dose may be only one-third of vaccinees, irrespective of vaccine-type.

“Lacking information on vaccine-type per age-group, I am obliged to assume that one-third of 1st dose vaccinees and 70% of 2nd dose vaccinees – irrespective of vaccine-type – are protected against the delta variant, see Table.

“Latest ONS Infection Survey for England showed that modelled estimate for the proportion infected had doubled in a fortnight from 9 per 1000 (95% CI: 8 to 11) on 15 May to 21 per 1000 (95% CI: 17 to 26) by 29th May 2021.

“More importantly, the ONS Infection Survey ‘s modelled estimates are age-dependent: 20 (10 to 36) per 1000 aged 2-10 years, 46 (27 to 75) per 1000 aged 11-15 years, 23 (16 to 31) per 1000 aged 16-49 years but only 11 (8 to 16) per 1000 aged 50+ years.

“In the Table below, I have assumed recent exposure-risks of 33 per 1000 unvaccinated at ages 18-49 years but 11 per 1000 at 50+ years. The former may have been higher and the latter lower.

“The “Hospitalized” data in my Table were quoted yesterday in BBC: News bulletins. They appeared to relate to England may pertain delta-variant hotspots. Matt Hancock today reported broadly similar data for 114/126 recent hospitalizations: 83 unvaccinated (73%), 28 1st dose (25%), three both doses (3%).

“Suffice to say that my sums – with simplifying assumptions as detailed above – do not align neatly with the quoted hospitalization data. To beat the data into submission, I’d need exposure-risk to have been twice as high in the unvaccinated and half as high in those aged 50+ years who have had both doses of vaccine.

“Behavioural differences of the order required for “submission” are not off-the-wall. Besides, the ONS Infection Survey does not measure “intrinsic” risk as its participants too will have been offered immunization and risk will have been reduced for those doubly-immunized versus for those in the same age-group who declined.

“Finally, age-specific risks – for example, as measured by ONS Infection Survey – are not expected to remain 3-fold lower for those aged 50+ years as inter-generational mixing outside of bubbled-households is increasingly permitted.

“Naïve assumptions, as I have set out, help to understand some of the evolving complexities that more sophisticated models are grappling with but are no substitute for attention to detail.”



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