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David Nutt: Drugs Without the Hot Air – launch of second edition

The dangers of illegal drugs are well known and rarely disputed, but how harmful are alcohol and tobacco by comparison? What are we missing by banning medical research into magic mushrooms, LSD and cannabis? Can they be sources of valuable treatments?

Journalists came to the SMC to hear Prof Nutt discuss his book and questions such as:

  • What is addiction? Is there an addictive personality?
  • What is the role of cannabis in treating epilepsy?
  • How harmful is vaping?
  • How can psychedelics treat depression?
  • Where is the opioid crisis taking us?


Speakers  included:

Prof David Nutt The Edmond J Safra Chair and Head of the Centre for Neuropsychopharmacology, Division of Brain Sciences, Dept of Medicine, Imperial College London and Chair of DrugScience

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