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bloodhound: start your engines

On 3rd October 2012, the hybrid rocket at the heart of the Bloodhound land speed record attempt will be fired at a site near Newquay airport.  This is the biggest rocket test in Britain for 20 years and marks a milestone in the building of the vehicle which will attempt to reach a speed of 1000mph in 2014.  All eyes will be on the car and the driver, but behind the scenes is a team bringing engineering innovation and expertise to this global education project. 

This is the first time the complete hybrid system, which includes a Cosworth Formula 1 engine used to power the oxidiser pump, has been tested.  October 3rd will be both the public demonstration of the rocket and a key stage in the development of this complex technology.   

Members if the Bloodhound team came to the SMC to talk about this remarkable feat of engineering.



Mark Chapman, Chief Engineer

Dan Jubb, Rocket Engineer

Annie Berrisford, Operations Manager in charge of safety and the one hour turnaround during a record attempt

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