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annual Home Office statistics on animal research

On Wednesday 20th July the Home Office published its 2015 statistics on animals used in scientific procedures as well as the Animals in Science Regulation Unit (ASRU) annual report.

Journalists came along to hear the latest figures from two Home Office officials, along with responses from three leading experts who have a broad overview of animal research and gave their thoughts on the reasons behind any rise or fall in the statistics or issues raised in the report.

  • Why have the numbers risen/fallen in the case of certain animals?
  • What do these figures tell us about the adoption of the 3Rs (reduction, replacement and refinement)?
  • Which areas of science are driving these trends and what is the future likely to hold?
  • Is Brexit likely to impact on animal research in the UK?


Speakers will include:

Dr Sarah Bailey, Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath

David Blunt, Chief Statistician, Home Office

Sue Houlton, Chief Inspector, Head of Unit, Animals in Science Regulations Unit, Home Office

Prof. Roger Lemon, Sobell Chair of Neurophysiology, Institute of Neurology, UCL

Prof. Dominic Wells, Chair of the Animal Sciences Group of the Royal Society of Biology and Professor in Translational Medicine, Royal Veterinary College

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